Pittsylvania County Landfill & Solid Waste Operations

Aerial photo of the current cell of the Pittsylvania County Landfill
Aerial photo of the current cell of the Pittsylvania County Landfill

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Solid Waste Fee

Question: What is the Solid Waste Disposal Fee?

Answer: The Solid Waste Disposal Fee is a dedicated fee to pay for all things solid waste – from operating the landfill to buying new equipment and land for convenience centers to setting aside money to close the current cell of the landfill when it’s time. The fee goes into the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund, which cannot be used for any other part of the county government at any time. 


Question: How much is the Solid Waste Disposal Fee?

Answer: The fee for 2018 is $120. The fee can be changed annually by the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors.


Question: Do I have to pay the Solid Waste Disposal Fee?

Answer: All citizens who own a residential parcel – including homes, rental homes, apartments, duplexes, trailer parks or courts, and campgrounds – within the bounds of Pittsylvania County must pay $120 per each residential unit, unless they meet the requirements for one of the exemptions.


Question: I live in one of the towns. Do I still have to pay the solid waste disposal fee?

Answer: Yes. Town trash fees, which are set by Town Councils and not the County BOS, are curbside pickup convenience fees. The SWDF is a County landfill availability fee.   


Question: What is the penalty for not paying the fee?

Answer: If payment of the fee is not made by June 20, then a notice of delinquency will be mailed to each property owner(s) not having paid the fee, advising that collection proceedings will begin in thirty (30) days.  Supplemental assessments may be issued after the due dates and such assessments will be due thirty (30) days after mailing.

Any person, owner, or household who fails to make payment of the fee shall be required to pay penalty and interest on the unpaid fee,  as set forth in Virginia Code § 58.1-3916.

In order to acquire an application for rezoning, special exception or other land use permit, all due and owing fees, penalties and accrued interested must be paid. 

To the extent allowed by Virginia law, failure to pay the SWDF can result, after due process, in the placement of a lien on the property in question in favor of the County.

What exemptions are available for Pittsylvania County Residents?

The following exemptions are available.

  • 50% Exemption for Qualified Elderly or Disabled Persons:
    • Requires a person to be a minimum of 65 years of age on Jan. 1 of the tax year or provide a letter of disability authorization to qualify. They must also have a maximum household income of $18,000 or less, and have a net worth of less than $60,000, excluding the value of their home. 
    • This person must apply through the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office. For more information about this tax relief, visit the Commissioner of the Revenue’s website.


  • Exemption due to private service to out-of-county landfill
    • If your household garbage is disposed of by a private company that transports it to a landfill outside of Pittsylvania County, you can provide documentation of that service to the Commissioner of the Revenue and be exempted. 
    • Current local, state, and federal regulations prohibit the burning and/or burial of residential waste on private property without adequate and appropriate permitting.


  • Uninhabitable Dwelling Exemption
    • If a home has been deemed uninhabitable as of January 1, it will not be charged a solid waste fee. 
    • In order to be deemed uninhabitable, you must apply for the exemption and have the home inspected before Dec. 31 of the previous year.

      Once a determination has been made by the County’s Building Official, the information will be given to the County Commissioner of the Revenue for removal of the SWDF, and no assessment will be generated.