Trash Talk: Site Attendant Joey Earp

Joey Earp has been the site attendant at the Route 41/Callands convenience center for nearly a decade on and off.

“I ended up liking it, even though I left for a while. I came back and I stuck with it, and now I’m just staying,” Earp laughed. “I keep winding up back here. I like working for the county. It’s nice.”

He is thrilled about the changes coming to the sites, particularly at his site.

“We sat and counted for a little while, we had 325 cars in an hour or so at this site,” Earp remembered. That’s a normal weekday. On the weekends, it’s more.”

After that, they couldn’t keep counting because they had to empty the compactors and open top boxes.

His site is one of the busiest in the county – with both the open top box and the compactor needing to be emptied several times a day.

He said since January, the site’s volume has nearly tripled.

“Having some help is gonna make a huge difference, that and the gates,” Earp said. “We’ll have more people so we’ll be able to get more stuff done in a day’s time and make them look a whole lot nicer. I’ll be planting flowers before it’s over with.”

The help he’s talking about are the additional site attendants that the county is currently working to hire – part time workers to help educate citizens on what needs to go where.

“We get people moving out here from the city,” Earp explained. Household garbage to some people is whatever they bring from home. I’m trying to educate them and put the other stuff in the open top. If you’ve got a huge load, you may need to go to the landfill.”

There’s two things Earp would like people applying to know about working for the county: they will need to be patient with education, and they will need to put in an effort.

“Be patient with the citizens that come through, especially with the changes. Some people take a little longer to adjust, and they might be a little upset,” Earp said. “You may have to do a little extra, but rest assured it’ll pay off in the long run.”